Heathrow Express – a rant

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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 12:10:12 -0500
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Dear sirs or madams,

Sitting on the heathrow express in the carriage with a sign that says “quiet
zone” next to someone watching TV on his iPhone with the built-in speakers
as the poor chap seemingly has no money to buy headphones,, two people
phoning quite loud on the other side of the aisle is not exactly what I

I fully understand the communication needs of all of these VIPs flying in
and out of Heathrow, but as a foreigner I try to respect the rules that are
shown to me.

Please educate me on what I am dong wrong. Is it some sort of insider joke
to phone in the quiet zone? Is it some kind of irony I don’t get? Or just an
indication that the quiet zone effectively means the opposite?

My idea: make another carriage the “loud zone” with speakers built in to
every seat, flashy lights everywhere.

Sincerely yours

Jan wildeboer

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3 thoughts on “Heathrow Express – a rant”

  1. Jan,

    I like your idea because quiet zones are a bit of a joke. For example, talking in a low voice on a phone will normally get a few daggers or eviction by do-gooders whilst taling to someone in a Quiet zone (but not on the phone) is seemingly acceptable. Also acceptable are the announcements made by staff and the noise of a train running at 100 mph and going into a tunnel and screeching around corners (all of which have a db level above someone talking at a sensible volume on a phone).
    With regards the Heathrow Express Quiet zones were put in to define the areas where the TVs would not be playing- in the early days of the service the volume was unbearably loud. Definition of a Quiet zone is different on most train companies.

  2. There’s really no good reason to take the Heathrow Express anyway. Heathrow has tube stations for each terminal, it’s just about as fast to get to Central London that way, you get more choice exactly where to get off, and it costs a lot less. So, next time just skip it.

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