Supporting Assange – change your profile pic everywhere

Based on the PDF at I have created the following bitmap which I will now put up as profile picture on all social networks I am member of. Do the same too!

OR (with JUSTICE added):

We can make a difference.

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

6 thoughts on “Supporting Assange – change your profile pic everywhere”

  1. A little perspective here: he’s been charged with a sexual offence, has been arrested under existing laws by the regular police, and is being treated no differently at all from how anyone else would be if they’d been accused of the same thing. He’ll face a fair trial in Sweden and either be acquitted or put in prison depending on the outcome. This is all good, the Rule of Law in action.

    1. You have seen,01.shtml I guess? It is a strange case and its timing is too smart to be mere coincidence. Why didn’T Ms Ny want to talk to Assange when he was in Sweden? Why was the case first dismissed, reactivated, arrest dismissed again, now Interpol? Too many questions and too obvious related to wikileaks IMHO.

    2. My proposed profile pic is Assange + the word JUSTICE. Note: I didn’t say Freedom or sth else. Justice is what we all want. We might differ on what outcome we would prefer, however.

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