Dear Queen Beatrix,

UPDATE 2 Rop Gonggrijp blogs, mentions this petition here. Explains there is no extradition request ATM and urges all to tone down.

UPDATE: Webwereld reports on the petition and this blog entry here (in dutch).

Sign my petition here. Spread the word.

I am a proud citizen of the Netherlands. A country filled with smart, pragmatic people. A country that is proud of its liberalism, its openness and freedom. Some fellow citizens are true heroes. One of them is Rop Gonggrijp. His fight for freedom in both the virtual and real world is filled with amazing legends, myths and clashes with autorities. But as a real proud citizen of your country, he never gave up. He fights for true values. The very values that our kingdom represents.

It is with anger and disbelief that I now read that the current interior minister of your government is willing to give up the freedom of Rop Gonggrijp to please the United States. As you can read here, Uri Rosenthal has no problem to extradite Rop Gonggrijp to the United States should they so desire.

And why? Because he helped Wikileaks to publish the truth. Because he helped the truth to be put in the spotlight of public scrutiny. A truth that is tough to accept, but true to his nature, Rop Gonggrijp defended the freedom to tell the truth.

You, dear Majesty, should be proud of him. His fight for freedom and truth reflect the values that your Majesty asks from her citizens. Therefore I urge you, dear Majesty, to stop this shameful actions from your government. I ask you to step up and declare that Rop Gonggrijp is fighting for the right cause. I ask you to declare that you protect him, as you would protect any other dutch citizen.

This promise from your side is printed in every dutch passport. I will quote the english version, copied straight from my passport:

In the name of Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc., etc., etc, the minister of foreign affairs requests all authorities of friendly powers to allow the bearer of the present passport to pass freely without let or hinderance and to afford the bearer every assistance and protection which may be necessary.

If you feel the same, you can sign my petition here. Spread the word.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Queen Beatrix,”

  1. I love to sign the petition, but I think you should spell “dutch” with a capital D, “Dutch”. (it’s in the petition too, multiple times)

    1. AFAIR it is normal to not capitalize when used as an adjective? But maybe I am wrong. Anyway – I cannot alter the petition text unfortunately, so it will stay this way … I hope you can still sign? 😉

  2. The article linked to is sensationalist. Your petition is premature.

    There is no charge, so there’s no sense in stating upfront something different than was stated.

    Perhaps you need to wait with your anger and disbelief until something actually happened.

    1. Maybe it is too early. OTOH and IMHO it may already be too late. If the dutch minister in charge acts this way before there even is an extradiction request, it shows (again IMHO) that something is wrong.

  3. Thank you for giving attention to it. Too often personal freedom is passed aside for the greater good (in this case the greater good is very debatable). We Dutch claim to be liberal and open minded. But sometimes we can be very narrow minded…

  4. Wat is dat nu een raar initiatief, het gaat om Rob Conggrijp een Nederlander en aan de Nederlandse vorstin en er staat geen woord Nederlands op.
    Zijn we al zo ver gezakt dat we onze moedertaal in de hoek gooien omdat het internet is.
    Laat je niet in de maling nemen door dit verkeerde signaal.

    1. Je vindt ook een nederlandse petitie op, gericht aan de tweede kamer. Ik blog simds jaar en dag op engels en ik denk dat de speifieke vraag ook van internationaal belang is.

  5. Deze petitie is zinloos voorzover het Gonggrijp betreft. Beatrix kan en mag grondwettelijk het handelen van ‘haar’ Ministers niet be-invloeden. Zij draagt geen politieke verantwoordelijkheid en kan daarop niet afgerekend worden.
    Als ze gaat reageren op deze petitie komt hooguit eeen keurig briefje van de RVD dat de petitie aan het adres van Rruute of Rosenthal gericht moet worden.
    De RVD gaat écht niet vertellen dat ‘ons’ staatshoofd daartoe niet gemachtigd is om haar onschendbaarheid te waarborgen.

    In Duitsland, een Republiek, is zoiets wel mogelijk. Wulff moet dan actie ondernemen. Is een uitspraak van het hoogste, onafhankelijke Bundesgerichtskammer, die beslissingen van de regering ook aan de grondwet mag toetsen. (In Nederland niet mogelijk, mede om de onschendbaarheid van Kweenie te beschermen niet mogelijk)

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