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E-Mail Done My Way, Part 0 - The journey

5 minute read


Warning. This whole series is not a simple HOWTO. This series is about how I run my mail server. I go through the configuration, line by line and explain. It...

Using Woodpecker CI for my static sites

6 minute read


Recently, due to all the discussions around GitHub and Copilot and Software Freedom, I moved my repositories to Codeberg. I was an avid user of Github Pages,...

DNS Done My Way, 2022 Version

7 minute read


Long before NFT existed, we had other digital dreams - domain names! I have quite a bunch of them, still. A few times per year I look at them, think of all t...

Corona In Munich - numbers and problems

4 minute read


On my 50th birthday, back in January 2020, the first official PCR diagnosis of a new Corona virus in Germany was made here in Munich. This became later known...


2 minute read


Time to revive this blog. I let it linger in limbo for too long. Running on a WordPress instance I set up 9 years ago (but I kept it up2date, vigorously). I ...