NetworkManager “Connection Established” annoyance SOLVED

less than 1 minute read

So when you are running a GNOME Desktop and you frequently change locations/network connections, you might get annoyed by the “Connection Established” popup/balloon tip.

I did 🙂

So I solved it. At least with Fedora 10. Shoudl work the same with Ubuntu etc.

For the graphical guys:

  • Start Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor (which really is gconf-editor)
  • Find the Entry /apps/nm-applet/
  • Add a new key called  disable-connected-notifications, type boolean and set it to TRUE
  • Restart NetworkManager (open a root shell, type service NetworkManager restart)
  • DONE

Whenever your network changes, the applet will show its cool anomations but will not bother you with popups.