#possesa day 3 – let me fix your Ubuntu, Michael

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Day 3 of POSSE is where the actual nwork in Open Source communities takes the front of the stage. So we discussed which projects to pick on, what to do. This lead to a more general discussion on South Africa and Open Source. What can we do, what is needed? We captured everything in a nice looking whiteboard – a true collaborative work!

So let me present our result:

PosseSADay3 Whiteboard PosseSA

The picture nicely catches the specific problems faced in South Africa. Especially the way internet access is organised deserves a blog post of its own …

At the end of the day however, I returned to good ole tech support. Michael installed Fedora alongside Ubuntu on his laptop and due to some strange cosmic rays he ended up with a broken partition table and could not fire up his Ubuntu any longer. Oopsie. But we managed to get him back to Ubuntu with Fedora sitting next to it 🙂