Generation @ – inspired by @smarimc

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I think Smári McCarthy, a fellow transnational citizen, Uberhacker and admired activist, touched a special nerve when he recently twittered:

Ours is a world where @ is replacing ©. Attribution, not restrictions.

Spot on. Hence I propose we start calling ourselves Generation @ to indicate that we prefer decentralised attribution over monopolistic, old-school and restrictive, centralised systems like Copyright, patents.

It makes a lot of sense. But it lacks the most fundamental element at this moment – a decentralised, secure, reliable and open system of identity. How can we make sure we put attribution to the right person or entity? See the whole pinterest discussions and the realname policies at Google and Facebook.

Hence we need an open, decentralised, neutral identity layer on the net and in the real life – #freedentity. Let’s start working on that.