Why (Linux-)devs use Macbooks

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Just read an article by Matthew Garrett on why developers use Macs.

My take:

I think it is also correct to say that the good ole “workstation” metaphor of having a separate machine for development is being replaced. Now that computers are ubiquitous parts of the developers life, we prefer to have an all-in-one machine for that.

No more separate work or personal machines. We are looking for a “life-machine”. The laptop as a companion that is always at our hands. And as developers we need more than just a tablet or a mobile phone.

And I think that’s why many people prefer OS-X over Windows or Ubuntu/Fedora. For everyday tasks as email, picture stuff, booking flights, doing taxes etc. OS-X definitely offers a good solution. And being UNIX-y enough to be used in a Linux delpoyment context, you get a good compromise.

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