PeerTube Video Embedding in a Jekyll Blog

1 minute read

Below you see an embedded (rather stupid and pointless) video clip from my PeerTube instance.

I had some problems getting it to play reliably. So I asked the wonderful Mastodon community to help me.

Help me Asking for help

And boy, did they help! In a matter of minutes! Some had my exact problem (spinning, never playing), some could get it to play when clicking on the timeline. It was quite a mess. Along comes Chocobozzz with the solution. Switch my PeerTube instance to HLS1transcoding and try again.

HLS Transcoding Set transcoding to HLS

I still need to fix the CSS on this blog for a nice looking caption, but the more important part, the embedding, works.

And just like that - it works! You all don’t know what misery you brought upon yourself. I might start sharing moving pictures on my blog now. You have been warned :)

So I thank my wonderful community over on Mastodon for again delivering immediate, friendly and solution driven feedback! Now to go record some videos …

  1. HLS is RFC 8216, an open standard, introduced by Apple back in 2009, the RFC was published in 2017 and it is now widely supported, according to the Wikipedia page 


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