Open Source Evangelist. Open Standards Fundamentalist. Software Patents worst nightmare. Decentralizing and federating whatever exists. Citizen of the first Transnational Republic

You can find Jan Wildeboer quite everywhere on the Web (but not on Facebook):


Jan Wildeboer works at Red Hat as the EMEA Evangelist. Travels across EMEA to talk, discuss and convince his audience that Open Source, Knowledge, Standards etc. are the better way to go.

If you want a direct contact, use

  • jan DOT wildeboer AT redhat DOT com for job related things and
  • jan AT wildeboer DOT net for personal stuff.

Jan Wildeboer lives in Munich, travels a lot and is always interested in everything Open as it leads to freedom 🙂

Short Bio

Ever since he found Linux in 1993, Jan WIldeboer has been a fierce fighter for more Open on every level. As a developer of Open Source projects, as a lobbyist and as an activist. But it’s not only software. He also runs a 3D printer at home, is a transnational immigration officer and a known speaker at various conferences and events.

Short Bio

Als er während des Studiums in 1993 zum ersten Mal mit Linux in Berührung kam, war klar – Open ist die Zukunft. Seitdem ist Jan nicht nur als Entwickler aktiv, sondern ist Lobbyist, reist um die halbe Welt um Vorträge zu halten und sitzt zuhause vor seinem 3D Drucker. Als Transnationaler Immigration Officer kämpft er darüber hinaus um eine denzentrale Zukunft für alle Menschen.



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  1. I really enjoyed your talk about Freedenty in France. Have you prepared guidelines, suggestions, etc. as to how to give mis-information to confuse the data collectors?

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