OOXML defect report – just the numbers

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So for all those people that still believe that OOXML is in good shape and might just need a few corrections. It might be a bit more complicated.

I am just reading the “IS 29500:2008 Defect Report Log [At Closure of the DCOR1 and FDAM1 Sets]”. This is a very interesting 809 pager. Note: The ODF Spec is around 700 pages. So the defect report for OOXML effectively outperforms ODF pagecountwise 😉

ATM just the numbers, so you get a feeling for what is going on (or should I say wrong?).

Status Count
Open 7
Further Consideration Required 78
Last Call
Closed, to be incorparated in COR1 175
Closed, to be incorparated in AMD11 24
Closed without Action 9

Wow. Will now start to go through the details. Will take time. But with that amount of defects in place, how can anyone safely implement OOXML according to IS29500?