[Sarcasm] Microsofts 10-K – some comments

Interesting stuff.


“Open source commonly refers to software whose source code is subject to
a license allowing it to be modified, combined with other software and
redistributed, subject to restrictions set forth in the license. A
number of commercial firms compete with us using an open source business
model by modifying and then distributing open source software to end
users at nominal cost and earning revenue on complementary services and
products. These firms do not bear the full costs of research and
development for the software. Some of these firms may build upon
Microsoft ideas that we provide to them free or at low royalties in
connection with our interoperability initiatives.”

[Oh no. This interop thingy and the EU. They force M$ to open up stuff
that then gets implemented in Open Source. Interop steals their revenue!
How dare they!]

“We are devoting significant resources toward developing our own
competing software plus services strategies including the Windows Azure
Platform, our hosted computing platform designed to facilitate the
rapid, flexible and scalable development of cloud-based services. It is
uncertain whether these strategies will be successful. “

[Translated: We invest in the hype but we dunno if it will ever work.]

“Similarly, the absence of harmonized patent laws makes it more
difficult to ensure consistent respect for patent rights. Throughout the
world, we actively educate consumers about the benefits of licensing
genuine products and obtaining indemnification benefits for intellectual
property risks, and we educate lawmakers about the advantages of a
business climate where intellectual property rights are protected.”

[Translated: We lobby heavily for more patents and against open standards.]

“The [European] Commission’s impact on product design may limit our
ability to innovate in Windows or other products in the future, diminish
the developer appeal of the Windows platform, and increase our product
development costs. The availability of licenses related to protocols and
file formats may enable competitors to develop software products that
better mimic the functionality of our own products which could result in
decreased sales of our products.”

[Wow. So forcing M$ to respect the valid laws of competition is painted
as “impact on product design” and interoperability is painted as
competitors are now able to destroy M$ revenue? Remember – M$ was found
guilty of breaking laws.]

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