Heathrow Express – a rant

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From: “Jan Wildeboer” jwildebo@[redacted]

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Subject: Heathrow Express

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 12:10:12 -0500

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Dear sirs or madams,

Sitting on the heathrow express in the carriage with a sign that says “quiet

zone” next to someone watching TV on his iPhone with the built-in speakers

as the poor chap seemingly has no money to buy headphones,, two people

phoning quite loud on the other side of the aisle is not exactly what I


I fully understand the communication needs of all of these VIPs flying in

and out of Heathrow, but as a foreigner I try to respect the rules that are

shown to me.

Please educate me on what I am dong wrong. Is it some sort of insider joke

to phone in the quiet zone? Is it some kind of irony I don’t get? Or just an

indication that the quiet zone effectively means the opposite?

My idea: make another carriage the “loud zone” with speakers built in to

every seat, flashy lights everywhere.

Sincerely yours

Jan wildeboer